Ishii Architect & Associates
Representative Director
Sinichiro Masuzawa
Message on Vajra

Vajra Dream A carefree trip and lodging not bounded by stereotypes.
“Lodging” with an added value that can only be provided here,based on detailed facilities and attentive services.
That is the Vajra feeling we want you to experience.
Human is also a part of the nature.Thus, in a broad sense, architectural structure is also a part of the nature.The ideal of Japanese lodging space is to have it united with heaven and earth;
we produce a sense of such animism to the traveler’s lodge.

We profess ourselves to “shape the mind” and work diligently on our designs with devotion.

Hasegawa Architecture &
Lighting Laboratory
Kiyoko Hasegawa
Lighting Specialist

Vajra is like a hideaway where you can liberate your mind and give a break to your body and soul to reset and regain energy.
From the bright and beautiful scenery of the daytime,Varja’s lighting change to a warm dim light after sunset.
As your eyes get used to the darkness from dusk, you will gradually see the face of “Varja’s night” created by candles and indirect lighting.

”Varja’s night” is extremely beautiful.In the areas facing outward,We have installed LED lighting to keep away flying insects.

We hope you enjoy your stroll around Varja, and do pay a visit to aoi.

Representative Director
Naoe Suzuki
Landscape Designer

Rammed-earth wall
Ramming the earth is to tamp down the clay into a mold.
A frame is built using boards around the foot of the wall and the clay is poured into the mold and tamped down from above.The striped pattern is made by changing the types and blends of different clays. The clay wall in Vajra reflects the image of the upheaval of Ago Bay.The rich colors of the rammed-earth wall are composed of local clays from Ise and Matsusaka.

Ajiro (Wickerwork)
Normally, the main materials used for Ajiro are shingles,and are woven together with bamboo skins.This time, to represent the image of Vajra being unbound by stereotypes,we created the Ajiro using “aluminum.”