Mori no ni (Forest Two: Premium suite in Japanese-modern style)
This is the highest category room in the main building, with a classy powder room and a hinoki cypress open-air bath in a cottage style where guests can indulge in the carbonated bath only available in Mori rooms.

Number of guest
2-4 people
Rate (per person)
52,000yen for double occupancy
49,000yen for triple occupancy
46,000yen for quadruple occupancy
Check-in From 3pm
Check-out Until 11am
Twin bed (4.5 tatami mats size),Tatami living room (12 tatami mats size),Japanese-style room (6 tatami mats size),Private terrace,Garden and open-air bath (carbonated bath)
Size Areas occupied: 110 sqm

Room facilities

Carbonated bath is provided in the bath.
Compared to normal hot water, carbonated water spreads the blood vessel and increases the blood flow by three times. The body metabolism will be increased,and promotes the reduction of lactic acid that causes muscle and joint aches.Shoulder and back pain will be eased as the bath even activates the capillary vessels.Carbonated bath is also has a beautifying effect by its mild acidity of pH4.5-5.0.The texture of the skin will be light and smooth after bathing.Bathing in carbonated water will also keep the warmth of your body three times compared to normal hot water.

Stone foot sauna is also installed in the room. A stone sauna is often referred to as a bath using no hot water. The negative ion and hormesis effect from the natural power of the stone supports the improvement of the immune system, and helps nurture beauty and health. All guests staying in this room can pamper themselves having a comfortable time warming up and healing the body by the convenient use of the stone sauna for feet (Ashigaru).